Saturday, September 21, 2013

4th of July Skirts

The 4th of July is celebrated "big" in this town.  Each year I have wanted to do something special for the kids and have never done it.  Well, this was the year!  I made these red, white, and blue skirts for the girls with some fun "celebration" material in them plus a pair of shorts for David.  He would NOT wear them until we convinced him that if he wore them to the parade people would throw candy at him.  :)  What I thought would be an hour's long project took most of the day plus part of the next day!  The skirts had a lot of gathering because I made them flare out.


The K. Family said...


Abbi said...

Very cute! Gathering does take a long time doesn't it!!! I prefer to skip things with lots of gathering when I can but the last dress I made for Megan she wanted puffed sleeves and ruffles so of course I had a lot of gathering to do. I tried to have her help me but the thread ended up breaking when she did it so it took more time in the long run.

All in a Day said...

Thanks for your comments! Laura has a yellow dress we need to get done. It will be gathering also. Hopefully she won't want to "help." :)