Friday, September 27, 2013


Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed--Taken from II Timothy 2:15

We are well into our new Awana year.  I say "well" because though it has only been two weeks, it seems as if we have done a lot of work.  And we have!  Our first week was close to 60 children, and this week we were over 60.  Now to get the Gospel message out to each child...

I have been helping the secretary again this year.  This involves getting information about the child, permission slips, books, vests, membership cards, record cards, finding last year's information if necessary, organizing the folders, coloring pages, verses tally sheets, etc.  The first week was mostly passing out books, this week mostly giving vests and membership cards, next week will be putting rank patches on vests, and the next giving wings and jewels.  After that it should start to dwindle down a bit.

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