Thursday, January 27, 2011

Turkey Dinner

Last night I made a turkey dinner for some friends. Their son had been given a turkey from his place of employment for Christmas, and they have had it in the freezer. I cooked it up, cut a bunch of the meat off, and brought that over along with potatoes, gravy, cranberry salad, frog eye salad, jello, stuffing, vegetables, and buns for a yummy dinner to share. Tracy also made a French silk pie, and we had ice cream.

I now have meat leftover for some meals plus the rest of the meat I didn't bring and the bones to cook down for soup! I've also been offered another ham so will have to plan some meals around that in a couple months. We are still working on our ham Mike got at Christmas time from his place of employment.

I bought my anniversary flowers yesterday also, along with the flowers I usually get for the Awana leaders for Christmas. I am a month behind... :) At least it is getting done. :)


Anna said...

the flowers are pretty. I was thinking about stopping on our way home at a place that has roses, 2 dozen for $15. I am craving blooming things, I guess. I forgot though and went home a different route :( I haven;t had frog eye salad since your mom made it for fellowship dinners. It sounds good.

All in a Day said...

Thank you! :)