Friday, January 21, 2011

Of Showers and Cows

Is it appropriate to tell your smelly teen-age son there is "no food and no Wii" until a shower is taken? I say this in the light that when I mention how he smells, his dad just laughs and says, "He's a boy." Well, I understand that, but this is not a third-world country, we have plenty of water and soap around here (the water is even heated,) and it's not as if he is out physically working, earning the stench. This is a matter of, "Please take a shower; it has been two weeks." I self-admittedly stink right now because I took the little kids to see a new calf that was born. The first time Laura and I saw one, it was around 1/2 hour old. David and the calf are checking each other out. It weighs three to four times as much as he does! These last two pictures are the heifer that was born yesterday afternoon, which we got to see around 3 hours old. She was a frisky little thing, jumping all over the pen.

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