Monday, February 2, 2009

What a Day!

I have slept SO well the past two nights. It has been a wonderful feeling, waking up totally refreshed. We got the ball rolling this morning without our "regularly scheduled" breakfast. I attempted to make another loaf of bread last night only to let it rise and fall again before I got to it. I think I have ruined four loaves of bread in the past two weeks because of that trick. :(

All the kids finished up schoolwork today in a timely manner except for the one problem of Tracy's we're still trying to figure out from Friday. I'll post it below in case anyone reading knows how to do it and can supply us with the means to get the correct answer.

Tomorrow Tracy has her violin lesson, and I've actually heard her practicing this week. That's music to my ears. (pun intended so please laugh)

Mike has been working 32-hour weeks so it's really nice to have him home for the extra two hours each afternoon. When he doesn't have a lot to do at work, I tease him that I could keep him busy here. He never goes for it though.

I hope everyone had a great weekend; this coming weekend we'll be heading to Bemidji for various activities and then to Buena Vista for the home school ski trip.

Here's that math problem: a to the 2n+2 power over b to the 3n-1 power multiplied by b to the 2n+1 power over a to the n-2 power.

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