Tuesday, February 3, 2009

25 Things

I thought I'd transfer this over from my Facebook page in hopes that some of you would get a kick out of a few of the things.

1. I have been tagged four times for this so decided I should get busy and get it done, but I can't remember the 4th person.

2. I like the color blue best but painted my bedroom bright pink as a teenager. My parents got me a cat bedroom set for Christmas that year but ended up giving it to me early (surprise) to complete the room. My friend kept trying to convince me to go skiing and all sorts of things with him that evening, and I kept saying no, not knowing they were all in cahoots. What a fun memory!!! He finally got me to come play the piano with him while they "doctored up" the bedroom. Leading to #3...

3. I had nine months of piano lessons when I was 12 and nine months when I was 16-17. The second set of nine months was my whole life. I LIVED for playing the piano and played from early morning to late night (minus school and bus hours) only to find out a few months later that I wasn't as good as I thought I was. Now I have a complex about playing in front of people I can't shake because of that person.

4. My nose drips all the time--summer, fall, winter, and spring.

5. I gave birth to my fifth child at home, without attendants, not intentionally.

6. I gave birth to my sixth child at home also, this time with a "houseful." That was a long, long, long labor that I never would wish upon anyone. The hospitals here won't let women who have had a c-section deliver naturally anymore. I would have had time to make it to another town's hospital for that birth, but my midwife is the best!!!

7. I lost my glasses in ninth grade on the school bus the week we were moving. I really think someone stole them rather than it being my carelessness.

8. I have carried only one school friend through my life from grade school. There are a few others I wonder about but have no way of contacting them since I don't know last names.

9. We live in a small town, and I tease my husband that I know half of the town. The half that I don't know, my husband does, because of work.

10. I LOVE going out to eat but have cut that out for the most part. It's sad when my husband has to work five hours just to pay for a (good) meal for our family.

11. I like things short and sweet so had to go back and put a double-space between each of these entries. Number two has given me a few problems because of its length, with a close runner-up in number six.

12. My hair is to the point where I would like it cut. I never can get it quite long enough to donate it for locks of love. It takes too much time to brush, and too much shampoo to wash.

12. (again because this doesn't count) I'm wondering how many of you went back to re-read numbers 2 and 6 to see what I was talking about!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Be honest and comment, please!!!!!!

13. At this point, my oldest friend will be 95 years old February 10, and my youngest friends (twins) were born January 19, of this year. I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE holding babies.

14. I don't really like to play games, but I have found the myFarm on Facebook to be challenging and fun now that I'm getting the hang of it. One of my friends has over $220,000, I think I have $4,000.

15. I am typing this while trying to hold my youngest--not a good combination.

16. One of my friends can type over 200 words per minute. I thought I was doing well at 60.

17. I think I can remember all my phone numbers. 757-1272, 755-9228, 751-3664, 386-1944,and my present one, which I'll choose to keep undisclosed. I'm sure I'm in the phone book though. Hmmm...I wonder what it is with the double digits!

18. I am a better writer than talker; when I am around people, I never know what to say. I even have trouble with the common courtesy one of, "How are you?" It's terrible! One of my friends teases me in that way by answering, "I'm fine too," after he asks how I am without giving me a chance to ask him (not that I'd actually follow through.) :)

19. I have only been in two countries (U.S.A. and Canada) but have been in several states, covering 14 in two weeks, if I remember the story correctly.

20. My mom has a five-generation family picture with me as a tyke she says I get a copy of. We never did get a five-generation picture with any of our children. We have lots of four-generation pictures though.

21. I was an excellent swimmer when I was younger and was also in gymnastics, but my arms weren't strong enough to hold up my weight. They still aren't strong, and neither is my back. I cannot carry my children around for long. My chiropractor is glad my daughter doesn't have "my" back! (Is it okay to tag the chiropractor's wife? I've tagged others I have talked about.)

22. And as long as we're talking anatomy...I have rotten teeth. I don't ever remember going to a dentist appointment without having cavities when I was young. I finally started taking care of them when I was 13 and got braces but still had cavities after that. As a married lady, I've had three cavities and that's it. I only have 23 teeth and never did have any wisdom teeth form, thus I tell everyone, "I'm not smart." (which I'm not anyway) :)

23. This is a long list. I used to write "epistles" to Mike when we were dating/courting. We would write back and forth while his brother would use the phone and rack up huge bills. In fact, I used to write to everyone more than I do now. I have really slacked off and am sorry for it; I know of so many people that appreciate my letters, cards, notes, etc.

24. Hmm...speaking of letters...I have two letters on my file cabinet from January 26 and January 27 still waiting for an envelope and stamp. That's sad!!! Each and every week I used to write a postcard to the six grandparents and send monthly pictures. Now I'm lucky if I get pictures sent twice a year.

25. I am so glad that this list is done. Over the span of the 3/4 hour it has taken me to write it, I have put Laura to bed three times, listened to Jason talk about reading, and re-read what I have written at least five times. Now I'll go back and read it again and tag people. I'm not sure whom I should tag...

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