Sunday, February 22, 2009

Two Tall Men

Okay. Here it has been over a week...Sigh...Too much farming on Facebook and farming on Farming Frenzy... (I'm almost done with the Farming Frenzy game though.) :)

Friday I went to Grand Forks with a friend and was able to stock up on some food at Sam's Club. I believe in promoting our small town groceries, but I also believe in saving money when possible. I am so very thankful for our little grocery store. If I watch the sales, I can get food just as cheaply as most other people. They will also order large quantities for me if I ask for no extra charge or hassle or guilt trip so I don't have to feel guilty about emptying their shelves on the sales--they just give me a case.

Anyway, in Thief River Falls we stopped at the bread store. A man came in; he had to duck through the doorway. I didn't think much of that because I have a few friends that have to be careful in doorways. However, when he stood to full-height he was HUGE!!! If I would have raised my arm into the air, he would have towered over it. If I go again, I'll have to bring my tape measure because he was about four inches from the ceiling. I'm really curious...

While in Grand Forks at one of the stores, I saw another man who was tall. He wasn't quite as tall as the other one, but I would have had to raise my arm quite a ways above my head to touch his chin.

It makes me wonder because the first man was just driving a van like I was. I didn't notice his legs, but I can't even move our seat far enough back in our van to drive comfortably. I wonder how cramped he was and if he had to duck to see out the front window.

Anyway, we stopped at the Panda Buffet again, and this time I ended up trying the octopus. Quite by mistake, I must admit. I don't care what kind of fancy name they give it (I can't even remember,) but I will never willingly eat it again. It was chewy (rubbery sort-of) with a nasty flavor in my opinion. I about gagged, and even though I chewed and chewed and chewed, I couldn't get it to break down so just ended up swallowing it whole. Blech... (shudder here) :) I do not think less of you if you eat it, but please don't offer it to me!!!!! :)


Keren said...

haha. Luke bought some octopus and I am quite convinced now that I won't try it :)

Abbi said...

MY time of trying octopus left me with an impression much like yours. :-)
I think it is always fun to try something like that once though!

martha said...

Ha ha ha! your comments on octopus are so funny! It sounds like our (Derek and I) first and last time to eat octopus!

All in a Day said...

Shuddering again...I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesn't like it! :)