Saturday, April 12, 2008

Third Degree

Alright, if Tracy's going to blog about me, it's only fair that I can blog about her. :) Last week our grocery store had these air fresheners for 59 cents (plus tax) so I decided it might be fun to get one. I remember picking peonies at my great-grandmother's house in the cities so picked that scent. You'll have to know me...I hardly ever buy anything just for the sake of buying. Tracy had to ask me all sorts of questions including one to the tune of, "If it hadn't have been 59 cents, would you have still bought it?" Well, no, I wouldn't have. :) Usually the daddy does all the "fun" purchases so yes, this is totally unlike me. Am I worth 59 cents????? Anyone?????


Linda said...

Go buy yourself a new outfit! You are worth far more than 59 cents!

Anonymous said...

The 59 cents had nothing to do with monetary value. It was worth more in memories for you and to share with your children who will never know Nonie or the peonies. I will always remember peonies from both grandma's homes. Never put a price on a good memory.
Why do ananymous people have to put those DUMB letters in?????

All in a Day said...

Thank you for the comments. I was actually talking about the monetary value because it was so funny getting the third degree from Tracy.

Everyone has to put the DUMB letters in because I was getting spammed without them. Sorry! Lots of blogs have them; it's just an extra security precaution.