Monday, April 14, 2008

Aussie-dog, My Protector

Aussie saw a plastic bag in the woods and decided he needed to protect me from it. He took off and was growling and barking and growling some more, all to save me from the plastic bag that wasn't going anywhere or doing anything to me! Oh well, at least I know his growling is good for something. I have now finished raking all around the house out so far so we can begin mowing. Ha! In trying to preview this, I had the volume up so I could try to hear his growling. He heard himself and came flying across the room to the computer barking and growling some more. What a terrible racket he makes. The crazy dog even barks and growls at us!


Anonymous said...

Plastic bag to you, BEAR to him and me. Never know, it might have been a skunk like I was being "saved" from. Maybe he will calm down but a good water gun should help too. I would do that in the house for sure. It stopped Smokey from chasing cars.
You never told me why I have to copy those dumb letters to post this.

All in a Day said...

It's just an extra security precaution. For a while I didn't have them and was getting spammed with nasty comments and links to not-so-nice websites.