Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Pictures of the 2nd and 3rd projects

This morning we didn't do very much school work. Instead we finished our turkey projects and played several rounds of cards. Some of the children did manage to finish or do some of the schoolwork planned for the day though. I went shopping this afternoon and bought a couple things for tomorrow plus some flour so we could make some bread and rolls and such. It won't last long, but I do have a trip to the mill planned for the first few days in December. We made a pepperoni pizza for supper served along with peaches, potato salad, salsa and chips, pop, and lettuce salad. I rarely let my kids have pop so that was a fun treat for them. We have no AWANA tonight so the kids are racing around the house with cars, skateboards, and trucks. It gets noisy but whatever works... I sent my son out this afternoon to break apart the pumpkins we carved for the deer. We live in the state forest so I had him throw them across the street into the woods for them. I hope they get eaten. If not, they'll be good compost, I would imagine. A friend bought some potatoes for me so I'll have to pick them up Sunday when I see her. Last year we went potato field gleaning with some friends but didn't have the opportunity to do that this year. Buying them from the store on sale was cheaper then getting them from a farmer up here. They're selling them 60# for $15.00, and I got them from the store for just under $6.00 for 60#. Have a happy Thanksgiving tomorrow! I may or may not post depending on what is happening.

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