Tuesday, November 13, 2007


I was trying to set up a day, place, and time for some of our fellow home schoolers to do a small music recital and art presentation. At first the librarian had said we could use the conference room, but that got changed because of a book fair that's coming up. Then I changed it to another place, but that didn't work because it was a bad time. It ends up that most of the families that were coming have to opt out because of all the changes that happened. We still have two families coming and possibly a third at yet a different time so I'm excited about that. My daughter has a recital with her violin teacher on December 2 so that will be fun to go to. She has improved a lot since the recital in April. I'm teaching my 5-year old daughter a little bit on the piano and the 9-year old some piano and some guitar. I'd like the 12-year old to get more guitar lessons, but he didn't care for the teacher he had last year. Music lessons are never wasted, in my opinion, and almost everyone I meet wishes s/he had continued or had parents that could afford lessons.

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