Thursday, July 5, 2012

July 4th

We spent 12 hours in Warroad on the 4th of July.  Tracy was scheduled to work at the outdoor pool at noon, but the pool ended up being closed because of the stormy weather.  We spent quite a while in the van before the day decided to cooperate and let us roam around without raindrops.  Laura spent a couple hours on the inflatable toys they had.  We hit the Beach Park and the Rainbow Park.  We endured the wonderful smells coming from the Spud Wagon and other money-making booths.  Mike sampled chili.  We went to the parade and waved to many friends.  One of the cutest floats of them all was the grandpa who was pulling his grandchildren around behind him.  Another one that stuck out as memorable was a big birthday cake for the bank's 100-year celebration.  We ended the evening watching the fireworks.

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