Wednesday, November 17, 2010

More Busy Days

I just cleaned up my e-mail "Inbox." It is handy only having to scroll through a few things now. :) I try to keep it around 20. Earlier I made some cookie dough, three different types of cookies, and a pan of bars. Hopefully they will stick around long enough for Mike to have some for work each day this week. He will be leaving for work in a couple hours. He just got off of a five-day weekend, works four days, then has the four after that off. It is a ROUGH life but someone has to live it. Ha ha ha :)

I wrote my preliminary food list for Thanksgiving, and it looks so good that I might have to have a trial run at it this weekend sometime. :) I'll have to get the kids' handprints for our annual handprint turkey cookies too.

In the meantime, here are some "fall" pictures of some of the kids in the leaves.


Bob said...

This looks like a whole lot of fun.

All in a Day said...

Yes, playing in the leaves is always fun. :)