Wednesday, May 19, 2010


The kids and I are leaving later this morning to bring the dog down to see his grandma. We will exchange Aaron for Tracy and Emily and pick him (Aaron) up at the end of the month. Maybe I will try to leave the dog also. It would be so good for him to be around lots of different people.

Today (yesterday) we went to town and put the canoe in the river. It was NOT a fun trip. David screamed the whole way and would not even nurse, and Jason was not strong enough to paddle (with or without the current,) at least with Aaron manning the back. I do not think we even made it 1/2 mile. The two little girls had fun, and we got to see a set of geese with five adorable goslings and lots of different birds.

A friend of ours is stuck in VA with a broken-down car. He was supposed to be delivering a load of cows to Bagley Thursday, but that is not going to be happening. :(

Well, we will see how David endures this car ride later this morning; he can't even last on a trip to town without crying so it may be a challenge. :)

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