Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Cheap Dessert

We borrowed from our Thanksgiving salad Grandma makes and made our own. I figured this cost us $1.48 because we got the canned cranberries for $.19 at the grocery store.

Okay, it is in the background, if you enlarge the picture.


The Krahns said...

Come on! A cheap dessert and you don't give us the recipe? It does look good!! But then, all the food you post looks good. Almost done with school?

All in a Day said...

It is a Swedish salad called Gifta. My great-grandma made it. I remember eating it once at her house (good for my memory.)

You are supposed to layer cranberries, whipped cream, and vanilla wafers over and over, though very thinly.

I cheated and just did thick layers (short attention span) and used cool whip and graham crackers and canned cranberries.

I have a picture from Christmas a couple years ago I'll try to add to the post so you can see my mom's very talented version. She is such an artist. :)