Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Fun Day

My family made a quick trip up to see us today so we had lots of fun visiting, eating, and playing games. After they left, the day seemed kind of boring so Mike and I figured out the taxes since his W-2 came in today's mail. We e-filed the federal as we've done for the past three years, but we still do a paper return for state. It was fun doing that this year because we will get the education credit for the kids' school supplies and music lessons. Oh, the dog has been sulking ever since they left because he wanted to go to their house for a visit.

This evening I sent out several "gifts" to some friends on Facebook and have decided to swamp my mom with cows tomorrow morning when those renew. :) She keeps giving me cow things for gifts and commented recently that she's supposed to be getting cows. :)

Other than that, things are going well. Laura is up and going full-swing because she got a late nap. There's a possibility I may get to babysit the twins on Tuesday while my friends go to a hockey game to hear some other friends of ours sing the National Anthem. I sure hope it pans out. Babies grow so quickly, and I've missed seeing them two days in a row now. :(

Oh, we "fancied" the girls' hair today for Grandma's and Grandpa's visit. It took a lot of time; now I know why I don't do that on a regular basis. :)


Abbi said...

THe girls look so very cute! I always think it is fun when I fix the girls hair up but I agree that it takes a lot of time which is why I don't do to much with it very often.

Jonathan ( RockrDude ) said...

I didn't know you could send gifts on Facebook.. or even muppets! ;)

All in a Day said...

Thanks, Abbi!
Jon, I hope I sent you enough Muppets; that was when I was first starting out on Facebook and not understanding everything. Well, I still don't! :)