Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Well, I will have to admit that my free moments have turned to farming lately. I don't have a farm like my friends do; I've been trying to build a profitable farm on Facebook. I get to have a few of the pleasures of having a farm but without the smell. :) If you're on Facebook and have a few extra minutes, please send me some trees and/or animals.

Today we had a family over for lunch before Mike had to go to work. They have seven children and are expecting another later this year. It was lots of fun, and Tracy really enjoyed it because she had friends to play games with her. I made a couple roasts with the potatoes, carrots, and gravy to go with them, and they brought some chocolate chip cookie bars. Of course, the bars went over better than the meal. :)

Tonight the kids and I went to Awana. Melissa brought snacks for her age group so we made and frosted cookies for that and brought grapes too. Emily finished the hardest section in her book (John 10:10-18,) Jason finished his book, I'm not sure about Aaron, and Tracy got to go swimming. She's been helping with the 3rd through 6th grade girls, and those that were at least half way in their books got to go swimming.

Tonight was "Take a Picture with Sparky" night. When Laura and I got back from dropping Melissa off, Sparky was already there. Laura stood there looking and looking and puckering and puckering farther and farther before she finally started to cry. She sat on my lap, holding me with a "death grip" and eventually fell asleep. Later in the evening I happened to mention "Sparky" while she was on the floor coloring. She dropped the crayons and climbed onto my lap again and wouldn't let go. I'll have to say that it was one of the calmest Awana nights having to take care of Laura without Mike there. :) We didn't even try to get a picture of her with Sparky this year because of her extreme fear, but you can see her last year in this post.

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