Saturday, May 3, 2008

We Made It!

We're down at Mike's parents' house and have really "livened" up a normally quiet Saturday. The dog didn't even hesitate at being left at "Grandma's" house and probably isn't missing us, knowing him.

Mike's uncle is up and brought three HUGE boxes of doughnuts, and boy, oh boy, are they "nummy" according to the little girls around here. Well, I should be honest and say according to me also. :)

Tracy's going to be playing the violin for a special at church tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I believe the DOG is missing you now. Maybe not at first. Him and Grandpa had an out while I was working Friday. He seems to respect him more but the growling goes on. He has done lots of investigating but not much running (except after my chickens and that is not acceptable). He needs some kids to run him out I think. He has been very good in the house.

All in a Day said...

He seems to be happy here at home, but I think he'd come back in a flash if given the opportunity.