Sunday, May 11, 2008

Superb Violin Playing

I'm not going to take from Tracy's post (which should be coming in the morning,) but she had a violin recital today and did an excellent job. Not only has she worked hard on her own piece, she also played part of a two-violin piece by Bach with a friend. Being students, the music wasn't perfect, but I thought they did a BRILLIANT job with just the few practices they had. Way to go, Tracy!

Today was quite a day. I wasn't able to talk much this morning as my throat was sore (not strep, just sore) so I just sat and listened during church. I think it's so cute when little kids try and sing when they don't know the words.

I'm trying to get some planning done for the week of the 18th through 25th. We have so many side trips that could be taken that it's hard to choose which ones to do. I suppose I should get off of here and get reading to the kids. (I've been reading a lot to Emily at night which is part of the reason my throat is sore. I noticed that when I used to read a lot to Jason too.)

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