Thursday, February 7, 2013

Poor Aaron

The little girls convinced Aaron to let them doctor him up with their nail polish.  David had his hand in it also...poor boy.  Anyway, he does a good job painting nails then along comes Laura.  She not only paints the nails but the skin around the nails and the fingers or toes along with that!  They were so anxious for me to post these to Facebook so Benjamin would see them as some sort of challenge so maybe someone will point him here for pictures of what he didn't have to deal with when he told them, "No."  :)

 Quite an impressive pile of polishes considering most of them came from Christmas time...

 I'm not sure if every young man goes through getting "pretties" in his hair by little girls or not, but I have seen several young men endure the torture.  Thank you to all those who have been patient enough to endure it.

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