Friday, December 31, 2010

David Said "Hat"

Yesterday at lunch time, David said, "Hat." Now, there really is nothing unusual about that; he has been saying that word for quite some time.

This time it was a riot because he took his plate full of food, put it on his head upside down, and said, "Hat," while giving the cutest grin which turned into a laugh when he got our attention.

It was a camera moment, but the camera wasn't in my hand!

Thursday, December 16, 2010


Which picture of David should I enlarge to put up on the wall and give to the grandparents?
Oops, I think I need to run the red-eye checker through on the last batch of pictures I uploaded.

Pumpkin Fun

The younger kids got a pumpkin from a party we went to back in the middle of October, and we just got around to carving it last week. It had one "heart" ear and one "crescent" ear. I did get enough pumpkin for one batch of bars, but the other went moldy before I could get it processed. It has been a busy time around here.

David enjoyed checking out the inside of the pumpkin and even decided to taste the "pumpkin guts," much to Jason's and Emily's dismay!

I Snagged a Few Deals

I pulled out some coupons the other day and ended up getting the ravioli for 30 cents a can and the ketchup for 60 cents a bottle. The Chicken in a Biscuit were $1.49, which is a good deal for me since we like to eat them at "Christmas" parties, and the hot chocolate was 19 cents because I spent $10.00 at the store. I also pulled the trick of shopping for someone else so stuck a few things of mine into his cart so I could get the deals on the limited items such as butter for $1.99 and then paid him back. So "crazy" were my receipts that I had to give him a hand-written one though. :)